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Meet Sisters of Code Mentors 2021!

Sisters of Code is the first female coding club in Cambodia, where girls can learn the basics of coding, create their own computer games, and even websites working on the projects under the guidance of the mentors. It is created by IT Academy STEP Cambodia to encourage female students to join the field of technology.

Sisters of Code is offering free lessons to the students on Sundays for 18 weeks and each group is studying together with female mentors, who help them to discover what is technology about, how coding works, what can you do when you know programming languages, and finally how to make sure you use the Internet safely.

Please meet our mentors, who are working in Sisters of Code program and is helping students to learn and grow their confidence.

Mrs.KIM Mithona joined Sisters of Code in 2019 and is a professional ICT teacher with New Generation School, as well as IT Academy STEP Cambodia. She has graduated Bachelor's program in Computer Science and has been working as a mobile apps programmer before deciding to become a teacher. Mrs.KIM believes, that technology is fun to learn and she wishes that more girls would consider studying computer science in Cambodia. She believes, that technology is one of the most innovative and exciting industries to enter. Mithona is saying “Technology is making its way into most aspects of our lives, and it is interesting to see what the future may hold. When we learn to code, we can become a change-maker, when everything is possible. Just do it.”

Mrs. OEURN Vapy has just joined Sisters of Code program in 2021 and she is an ICT teacher with New Generation School. She has a Bachelor's degree in computer science too and has been working in web development before she has decided to become a teacher. Mrs.Oeurn is saying that learning technology is an important skill for anyone and can help students to discover new opportunities, learn how to innovate, and create their own solutions. Vapy comments: “Women can bring innovations, new perspectives, and diversity to the workplace. For any company the power is in the minds and hearts of its people, so helping girls to become stronger in technical skills we are helping the future”.

Sisters of Code is launching in February 2021 3 new groups: 2 groups will study in IT Academy STEP Cambodia campus and 1 group will study in Preah Sisowath New Generation School. Each group will learn how to code from zero to being able to create their own games and websites. This program is open for any Cambodian girl from 10 to 20 y.o. Applications to join the program are accepted until February 10, 2021. Candidates will be invited for further interviews to be registered for the course. The most motivated students will be able to join this internationally awarded program for free.

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