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Sisters of Code Celebrates International Girls in ICT Day 2024!

This year again, Sisters of Code joined the global movement to empower girls and young women in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by celebrating International Girls in ICT Day! With the theme of "Leadership," we hosted this event on April 20th, 2024, that brought together over 60 girls. International Girls in ICT Day was established by ITU (The International Telecommunication Union is a specialized agency of the United Nations) and celebrated in over 150 countries around the world, to promote girls' and young women's involvement in IT. 

Igniting Leadership and Passion

Our event featured three incredible guest speakers, each sharing their unique journeys in the tech industry:

  • Mrs. Kim Tol Tan, Founder & CEO of Grow4Growth Consultant: Mrs. Tan's interactive session went beyond inspiration and included some practical activities. Under her guidance, participants actively reflected on their leadership abilities and explored possibilities for personal development.

  • Mrs. Fat Si Em, Head of Transportation Planning & Optimization at a Telecom Company: Mrs. Em's story wasn't just hers to tell. She was joined by her daughter, creating a powerful double dose of inspiration! Mrs. Em's perseverance as the only woman in her field since 2009 resonated deeply with the audience. Now she is managing a team of network engineers that are all male, as well as has 2 children and a family. Her message to believe in yourself, be kind to people, and create a supportive environment is an amazing example of female leadership in tech in Cambodia.

  • Ms. Phen Phalideth, Sisters of Code Alumna: Ms. Phalideth's journey exemplifies the power of persistence. Originally from a rural area in Cambodia in Siem Reap province, she defied limitations to pursue her passion for IT, ultimately graduating with a Master's degree in Computing from Edinburgh Napier University. She is also a Sisters of Code Ambassador and an active member of the community, sharing her knowledge with other girls.

Building a Supportive Community

Our event wasn't just about listening to success stories. Interactive group discussions allowed participants to explore their interest in technology. Students actively identified opportunities and challenges within the field, sharing their dreams and aspirations for the future. A key theme emerged – the importance of access to scholarships and building a supportive community within the tech industry that would enable more girls to join the tech field. Such sharing experience made us realize, that the challenges we face being female students in tech are not unique and we can overcome them.

Engaging Activities and Recognition

The event wasn't all talk! We hosted a fun and engaging ICT quiz, testing participants' general tech knowledge while highlighting the remarkable contributions of women in technological advancements. The top 5 scorers received a special Sisters of Code t-shirt, a badge of honor for their tech knowledge. 

Inspiring the Future Generation

Sisters of Code is dedicated to empowering girls and young women to embrace tech education and build fulfilling careers in the industry. We are incredibly grateful to our amazing guest speakers for their invaluable support. Their stories, along with the interactive sessions and community building, undoubtedly ignited a spark in many young minds. These future generations of female tech leaders have the potential to code the world!


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