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Why do girls join Sisters of Code?

Joining Sisters of Code is an opportunity, a dream, a unique learning experience, and also a challenge. We have asked students to share their feedback - what motivates them to join Sisters of Code and what do they expect from this club? Their thoughts are amazing and inspiring and give Sisters of Code so much energy to continue growing to make sure more female students can join the club to learn and grow together in a supportive environment, that empowers them to achieve their goals, discover their talents, become creators of their future, equipped with digital skills.

Please read their ideas to learn more about students' motivation to join Sisters of Code.

Sivhong, 18 y.o.

I am eager to join Sisters of Code to improve my technological skills including programming, as well as learn computers' functions as those are continuously evolving. By participating in these coding classes, I will be able to challenge myself and develop my critical thinking, which is beneficial for my future education. Hopefully, after months with Sisters of Code's classes, I will be capable enough to understand coding more deeply and be able to solve problems. In addition to coding classes, I would also like to be engaged in meaningful exchange with my fellow classmates and teachers or mentors. It will be a lifetime opportunity for me to experience a classroom full of curious souls and generous code teachers.

Sovanreach, 17 y.o.

I want to discover my passion, meet new people who have the same passion, and want to learn about code. I love trying new things in my life and want to have more experiences.

Srey Pich , 18 y.o.

When I was in grade 6, I got a chance to know what is computer in a small community near my house. The moment I sat on the chair in front of a computer, I felt nervous and excited at the same time. At that time, I learned about typing and Word. I noticed that I was like a kid who never got tired to learn. I would go there early and take my seat like it was my first time. That's when I realized technology is my favorite thing to learn and never get bored with it. That's also why this is a rare opportunity for me as I have always wanted to learn computer skills and new things about technology. I wish I have known about Sisters of Code earlier. I don’t want to waste my time and waste this opportunity.

Soksoraksa, 19 y.o.

In my class, there are only 5 female students, and the other 35 students are male. So I want to be the most outstanding so that I can show the world that female students are also good at coding and technology. Because of Covid19, people can’t meet each other. So I think technology is more important to our daily lives. It helps us a lot: we can communicate, learn, or buy something online. If I can join the Sisters of Code, I will have an opportunity to improve my coding skills. If I know more about coding, I will make a program that is good for our society. I hope Sisters of Code can help me to reach my dream to become an outstanding coder.

Sovatharoth 18 y.o.

I am not yet sure what major I should choose after finishing grade 12 so that I think that joining this program can make me find out if learning technology is my thing.

Kannika , 18 y.o.

I want to join Sisters of Code because I would like to learn more about coding. In the future, I want to create apps and build my start-up that solve society’s problems and that is why I really want to learn and improve myself from now on in this international education place. I really want to join Sisters of Code this year so that I can learn technical skills to achieve my goal and to make my dream come true. Moreover, I would like to make friends and meet potential teachers or mentors from the technology industry.

Somphorskanha, 18 y.o.

It is a great opportunity for women to develop skills in computer science since we are living in a modern world with many challenges and technological developments. I consider this is a gold chance for me. In high school, I was bullied for my poor computer skills. I used to cry at home because I couldn't understand how to use a computer. At that time I didn't have my own laptop yet. But now I'm having one and know quite well how to use it. I believe that my skills will improve and I will try my best to change the stereotype people have looking down on women and saying that they cannot understand computer science. I believe after the Sister of Code program I would have more skills to support the community that I'm living in, to solve problems, and prove that computer science is crucial to today's world and everyone can access it, specifically women.

Sreypich, 19 y.o.

I have never really cared much about coding in my daily life, mainly because I didn't know much about it and have never planned to study IT. But because of the recent quarantine, I had some free time in my schedule and I have decided to try to learn Python programming language. For the past few months, I have been learning Python with a YouTube channel called Tech with Tim. There were many times when I wanted to quit, simply because it is confusing for a beginner with no coding experience to manage everything on my own. I realized that I would be more productive if I would have a mentor to guide me through my journey and help me when I am stuck. Self-learning is an amazing process until you get stuck, making you lose your passion. With Sisters of Code I will be able to improve my knowledge in coding languages and write code more efficiently. I also believe I would make few good friends who share the same commitment. These few months have been an eye-opening experience for me, a person who doesn't care much about tech, so I hope that I will be given a chance to take this passion a step further.

Rothana, 20 y.o.

One of the main reasons, that inspired me is my curiosity about learning technology and computer skills. It's fascinating how computer language can help in problem-solving and logic skills. Moreover, I believe these skills are essential as Cambodia is currently in Industry 4.0 adaptation. And this is a great opportunity to gain new insight and apply in many areas of life.

Charonay 12 y.o.

I want to improve my skill and want to show that girl also can do it. Coding can help us to develop critical thinking and want to develop my country with my skills.

Ratanakthyda, 19 y.o.

I'm interested in modern technology and my little brother is the one who inspired me. Being young, he doesn't have the opportunity to learn from a professional trainer. Therefore, I'm hoping to join this program to learn more about coding so I can share my knowledge with my little brother, too. Joining this program will not only benefit me, but also benefit my brother. Giving 1 chance, creating 2 opportunities.

Pouy Kim, 19 y.o.

I want to participate in Sisters of Code so I can explore the computer world. Learning how to code would be a great skill and opportunity for me. It's always fun to meet and make new friends too. It would be challenging and also give me a chance to get out of my comfort zone and try out something I've never done before. I believe that in this technology era, learning how to code is something that is really useful. And this program is really inspiring and empowers young women to make their way into technology, and I want to be one of them.

Sarah, 18 y.o.

I want to learn how to code. I want to learn this because I think that in the future technology will involve a lot and it's very important for us girls in the 21st century to be ready for this future.

Monintmotita, 20 y.o.

I want to improve my critical thinking and technological skills in order to catch up with today's digital world. Moreover, technological knowledge is not yet widespread n Cambodia and society only focuses on men in the IT field. There is a lack of women, so I want to prove that girls/women can also be part of this field too.

Lykhemarakcheat, 17 y.o.

The reason I want to join Sisters of Code program is to learn coding and computers. Additionally, I want to meet new people, senior and junior, to exchange ideas and experiences with each other to be ready for future studies after I graduate high school. Finally, through this program, I can discover more about myself and know more about my strength and possibilities.

Sovandely, 18 y.o.

I was always interested in technology and I want to expand my knowledge in this field. I feel that there are many things to learn from. Since technology plays a huge role in how the world is working today, I think it’s better to learn and master these skills.

Somalinata, 13 y.o.

As I'm living in the evolving generation of technology, this program is an opportunity for me to develop a skill in coding while exploring the field I've never tried before. Coding is fascinating yet frustrating, but I'm up for a new challenge.

Somalita, 15 y.o.

My sister works in IT, I want to be like her.

Kaknika, 20 y.o.

I am pursuing my IT bachelor's degree and I cannot learn much at my university, as it's really hard for me to approach my classmates to help me out because my classes are only men. For some reason, I feel discriminated in my class environment. That is why I am applying for this training course with SISTERS OF CODE. Because this female coding club is for women or girls to work together helping and empowering each other to improve our coding skills together.

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