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World Bank awards Sisters of Code

Sisters of Code is recognised by the World Bank as the most innovative educational programs in Southeast Asia that promotes women empowerment in the area of digital skills development.

To identify and celebrate existing good practice for teaching digital skills in Southeast Asia, the World Bank hosted a regional competition, inviting public and private organisations to demonstrate how their programs are helping to address these challenges. Sisters of Code program, implemented by IT Academy STEP Cambodia was recognised as the best solution in the region in the Women's Empowerment category.

The World Bank recognises the importance of digital skills development for the developing economies. While technology is quickly advancing, students and workers are struggling to acquire digital skills that are necessary for success in the labor market. There is a shortage of institutions to teach those skills, and access to such learning may be particularly challenging for certain groups. This results in a growing gap between the digital skills that employers need and the digital skills that workers have. This is why real interventions are required to offer solutions to the growing problem.

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