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Sisters of Code is the first female coding club in Cambodia that was launched by IT Academy STEP Cambodia in early 2019 with an aim to provide after school coding training for female students from 10 to 20 y.o. During the 18 weeks program, female students meet every week with their trainers, female too, to learn the secrets of coding, work on projects and present their works in the teams. This is a unique non-profit educational program, that gives a never existed before opportunity for girls to explore digital skills in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Why is Sisters of Code created?

The field of technology in Cambodia is male-dominated and female students feel unwelcome in this predominantly male field. Only 10% of female students in Cambodia choose to study technology-related subjects and only 30% of the graduates would end up with jobs in the field of IT. Lack of role models, lack of confidence and opportunities, pressure from society holds back female students from learning important digital skills and getting actively involved in the digital economy.

How can we help?

Sisters of Code exists to empower and support female students through education to discover their full potential and grow a new generation of digital creators. Our work helps girls grow confidence and challenges long-held gender stereotypes. This engagement would not only benefit girls, but also the whole society building its on equality and mutual respect principles.

We believe that by supporting girls in learning digital skills we are changing their future:

  • by opening new opportunities

  • growing students' confidence

  • creating a positive experience that otherwise would not be available. 

Sisters of Code aims at creating a supportive environment for the girls, who wish to learn new digital skills, develop creativity and get an in-depth understanding of computer science.


What is our impact?

Our impact is real - 96% of Sisters of Code graduates admitted that studying coding skills was a useful or a very useful experience for them and 100% of Sisters of Code graduates would recommend other girls to join the club.

By offering this free educational program, we bring real solutions to the identified challenges, which were mentioned by the students of Sisters of Code:

  • 46% of girls told that they are not supported to study technology or even not allowed in many cases.

  • 27% mentioned, that there are no other places for girls to study digital skills.  

We believe that in order to support the economic development of the Kingdom of Cambodia, education is the key. By ensuring innovative, skills-focused, and inclusive educational programs, as well as growing interest in technology among female students, we directly contribute to the country's development.


Sisters of Code program is for impact. Impact for those who need that the most. Sisters of Code is an opportunity for girls, that has not ever existed before.

We are proud that our program received 4 international awards in skills development for women and girls and we are dedicated to delivering the impact to more girls! 

wit-asia-win-education & training-100_edited.jpg


Women in IT Asia awarded Sisters of Code as the best Education and Training Initiative 2021

Women's empowerment_Virtual certificate with photo.png


The World Bank recognised Sisters of Code as the best educational initiative in Southeast Asia in the category "Women Empowerment"

Sisters of Code is not just about coding, it is about how to be creative, confident and supportive.

SOLVE Certificate_LGW_SistersofCode.png


In 2020 Sisters of Code was awarded as one of the best programs in Learning For Girls and Women

EITA 2020 winner certificate signed - SK


In 2020 Sisters of Code was awarded as the best program in the Skills Category

Our Mission

To grow confidence among female students and share the joy of learning coding skills, empowering for a successful digital future. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

By empowerment and support through education and confidence development, help girls and women to become active creators in the digital economy and discover their full potential.

Technology should not be a privilege,  but an equal opportunity!

We Need Your Support Today!

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