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Join Sisters of Code community:

Sisters of Code is founded to support a new generation of female technology creators in Cambodia. Our impact is real – by providing a unique educational experience for the girls to learn coding skills in a supportive environment, we are both growing digital skills and cultivating confidence to open the doors to a better future, and new career possibilities. We create opportunities to make our own decisions, challenging the traditional society's labels for women.

If you share these values and wish to get engaged - let us know!

Sisters of Code program initiator and implementer

Our Partners and Donors

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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can get involved:

Invest in Sisters of Code

Invest into empowering girls and bringing new opportunities for their future!

Become an Ambassador

 in your school or a community!

Become a trainer

If you are a female coder and would like contribute to teaching young sisters, let us know! 

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