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Join Sisters of Code Ambassador program!

Sisters of Code Ambassadors Program offers a unique opportunity

To grow Sisters of Code community in Cambodia and develop new talents in teaching coding skills to more girls, Sisters of Code is launching a new program Sisters of Code Ambassadors! It will offer FREE training courses in the modern pedagogy principles, as well as principles of leadership, project management, teamwork and digital skills development for everyone who is interested in improving their qualification and becoming Sisters of Code Ambassador. We invite to join our program!

What will learn?

You will be learning with experts in the field of technology, leadership, project management, and more. You will meet real role models and get international experience with award-winning Sisters of Code program.

The course consists of 5 modules and will take place on Saturdays from 1 to 3:30 pm.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1:

  • Pedagogy principles and ethics

  • Teacher as a leader

Module 2:

  • Coaching in education

  • Project Management

Module 3:

  • Presentation skills

Module 4:

  • Sisters of Code computer science program structure and approach

Module 5:

  • Personality and motivation

  • Professional orientation workshop

Who can join the program?

The training is free for the attendees and will be useful for everyone who is wishing to get involved in the Sisters of Code community and learn how to lead training programs or become a better ICT teacher.

Participation requirements:

  • Profile: Cambodian female, 20+ y.o.

  • Skills: some background with IT (at least HTML, CSS level) and English skills

  • Interests and Motivations: Interest in pedagogy and teaching, passion in empowering and inspire other girls to study in tech field, motivated to create and run a Sisters of Code club.

Why join the program?

After the successful graduation, you will receive Sisters of Code Ambassador status, as well as a certificate and access to the teaching materials and run Sisters of Code clubs in your schools or communities. The best trainers will be offered a job as a trainer and continuous support. You can bring a real impact to society.

How to join the program?

To join a program, a candidate should apply until March 22 by filling in the form online and successful candidates will be invited for further interviews. Only 15 applicants will be invited to join Sisters of Code Ambassadors program.

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