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Coding for girls an opportunity

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Sisters of Code is an opportunity for girls to prove to themselves that learning coding is an opportunity to change their future.

Computer Science is not yet in the curriculum in most public schools in Cambodia and most of the students are learning technology on their own - from their older siblings or parents. Also, many students do not have access to computers or the Internet, and therefore most children get introduced to technology as a way of entertainment on their phones or if they are lucky, start by using simple Microsoft Office tools for working on their school assignments.

Srey Pich, 18 y.o. student is sharing her experience "When I was in grade 6, I got a chance to know what is computer in a small community near my house. The moment I sat on the chair in front of a computer, I felt nervous and excited at the same time. At that time, I learned about typing and Word. I noticed that I was like a kid who never got tired to learn. I would go there early and take my seat like it was my first time. That's when I realized technology is my favorite thing to learn and never get bored with it. "

At the same time technology is changing the world: the way we communicate, study, work and have fun. World Economic Forum is warning on huge changes in the economy: "We estimate that by 2025, 85 million jobs may be displaced by a shift in the division of labour between humans and machines, while 97 million new roles may emerge that are more adapted to the new division of labour between humans, machines and algorithms, across the 15 industries and 26 economies covered by the report.

Many roles will be displaced by new technologies: Data Entry Clerks, Administrative and Executive Secretaries, Accounting and Bookkeeping and Payroll Clerks, Accountant and Auditors, Assembly and Factory Workers, as well as Business Services and Administrative Managers." These changes bring challenges to re-structuring the Cambodian economy to keep up with the global changes and ensure further development.

Women to be welcomed to the field of Technology

Sisters of Code was founded with an aim to support female students in Cambodia in finding their place in the changing environment and get skills and confidence to become creators of technologies. Bu creating this unique after-school program, where girls can learn together, make new friends, develop their creativity and confidence, we are changing their future and the future of Cambodia.

The field of technology in Cambodia is male-dominated and girls feel unwelcomed, hearing so often that computers are for boys, that boys are better with math and logic and girls should focus on more traditional female roles and families. But if we close the door so early for the 50% of the population, would it be sustainable in a long run?

This is why Sisters of Code was created - to prove that girls can learn coding and technology, can have fun, and develop their skills. Sisters of Code is to empower female students to consider technology as a field for their career development to become impactful creators of their future.

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