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Feedbacks from Sisters of Code Ambassadors 2023

As we continue to empower young women in the field of technology through our Sisters of Code Ambassadors program, we are always eager to hear from our students. Recently, we conducted a survey to gather feedback on their experiences.

Our Sisters of Code Ambassadors provided valuable feedback on various program lessons, shedding light on both content and delivery. Cyber Security and Internet Protection stood out with the majority (60%) rating it as "very good," and 13.3% deeming it "excellent," emphasizing the relevance of cybersecurity in today's digital age. Similarly, Leadership Skills Development garnered a strong following, with a total number of 66.6% deeming it "very good" and "excellent," showcasing their keen interest in developing leadership abilities crucial in both academic and professional life.

On the one hand, the presentation skills lesson received overwhelming positive feedback, with 60% considering it "very good" and 13.3% finding it "excellent." Project Planning and Management also received acclaim, with around 46.6% rating it as "very good" and around 26.6% grading it as "excellent."

Our commitment to nurturing coding skills was evident, with 40% of respondents rating the Sisters of Code computer science program structure and approach as "very good," and the remaining 40% giving it an "excellent" score. The Work Readiness Program earned high regard, with 46.6% rating it as "very good," and 33.3% deeming it "excellent," underscoring the importance of preparing our students for future careers.

In terms of the most interesting and useful topic, HTML & CSS emerged as the top choice (40%), followed by Wix Website Development (approximately 26.7%), highlighting the significance of web development skills. The Work Readiness Program captured the attention of 20% of our Ambassadors, showcasing its importance in preparing for future careers. Additionally, 6.7% recognized the significance of cybersecurity, and another 6.7% found value in leadership skills development, emphasizing the importance of versatile skill sets in tech. This feedback not only highlights the success of our program but also inspires us to continue empowering women in tech.

Due to our impactful program, we are thrilled to report that 100% of our Sisters of Code Ambassadors would recommend our program to other students. This unanimous endorsement showcases the program's positive impact on the lives and aspirations of young women pursuing tech careers.

All in all, the feedback from our Sisters of Code Ambassadors underscores the success of our program in empowering women in technology. We are inspired by their enthusiasm and dedication and remain committed to nurturing the tech leaders of tomorrow.

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