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Meet Mithona, Our Sisters of Code Mentor

Parents understand well how education is important for the future of their children. However, there are many families who cannot ensure access to education due to limited funds and even poverty. That is why many organizations have been set up to support less fortunate children in attending schools.

As a positive example, Ms. Kim Mithona has made a significant contribution to the education sector in Cambodia. She was born in Battambang province and nowadays she lives and works in Phnom Penh. She pursued her study and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the Royal University. Now she works as an ICT teacher at New Generation School - NGS, IT Academy STEP Cambodia, and as a mentor at the Sisters of Code program too.

The main reason why she wants to help other women to get an education - because she believes that through education life of people, families, communities, and society is being improved. Since technology is constantly evolving, whether we like it or not, we have to live and work with it. However the number of women in the field of technology is still low, so she hopes to encourage more girls to get engaged. While working with the Sisters of Code program, she is facing some challenges. Some students don't have their own computers for practicing at home, as well as when students need to learn online, not many have a strong internet at home so it slows down teaching.

Mithona is expressing her feelings "I am really glad to be able to teach and share my experience with girls to learn more about new technology.” She also requests more donors to help the Sisters of Code program to grow and give access to more girls. She also urges girls to study hard to be able to contribute to the positive future of Cambodia. She said, “if we know that technology will stay with us forever, why don't we try to understand it from now on? ".

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