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Power Up Cambodia - youth digital skills development program for young Cambodians

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

IT Academy STEP Cambodia in partnership with UNDP Cambodia launches an innovative Customized Digital Skills Training and Work Placement Program for youth. The program aims to boost youth employability in the digital economy realm. The new program “Power Up Cambodia” aims to provide demand-driven training opportunities in digital skills and advance confidence among young people.

To ensure inclusivity, Power Up Cambodia sets as a priority to address specific challenges and interests of young women and youth with disabilities, ensuring the most demanded digital and employment skills currently needed by domestic and international employers. To achieve this goal, Sisters of Code, the first female coding club in Cambodia, will be one of the leading implementers of the program, leveraging on the established network of female tech professionals.

Power UP Cambodia youth training program will consist of 2 interventions:

1. An intensive digital literacy training Pathway to Digital Careers will cover the main digital skills necessary for successful employment in any field. This program will be opened to anyone interested, specifically targeting unprivileged groups to support online entrepreneurship opportunities.

2. Advanced Digital Skills program, offering professional skills-focused education programs in Digital Marketing, as well as emerging profession Data Science and Analytics would be opened for the University Graduates, who wish to get relevant re-skilling and support with the employment. Priority will be given to female students, and those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, as this 6 months training program with full employment support will be provided to the students with 100% scholarship.

The curriculum would also include mastering non-digital skills, such as communication skills, project planning, time management, problem-solving, working ethics and teamwork, presentation skills. A special focus should be placed on best practices in Cambodia and partnership with the private sector to ensure the training programs meet the demand of the employers. The educational materials of the program will be available for the educators on a special knowledge hub to promote access to the latest teaching methodology and improve the quality of the training in computer literacy across Cambodia.

Mrs. Rodionova Natalja, Managing Director of IT Academy STEP Cambodia shares “COVID pandemic hit the global economy very hard. However, it also brought opportunities and recognition that advancement is only possible with the smart application of technology across any industry. Therefore such programs as Power Up Cambodia could become a catalyst of positive change by bringing amazing opportunities to the youth to get international training in tech skills and employability skills free of charge, as well as support in further internships and work placements with the best companies in Cambodia. We are proud to execute this program and support Cambodian recovery. ”

Power Up Cambodia” starts accepting applications from December and the training programs will be executed in 2022.

To register for the program students are invited to apply online until January 05, 2022:

3. Pathway to Digital Careers (Facebook Messenger, Telegram)

For more information about the program, please contact:

Follow the program Facebook Page: Power Up Cambodia


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