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Sisters of Code Ambassadors Program 2023 Graduation Ceremony

We are glad to celebrate together graduation of the 2023 Sisters of Code Ambassadors, who have successfully completed training in computer science curriculum and leadership skills to be able to launch and lead Sisters of Code clubs in their communities. Sisters of Code is the first female coding club established by IT Academy STEP Institute in Cambodia, thanks to the support from Capacity Building Research and Development Fund of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. The aim of the program is to encourage girls to learn coding skills in a safe and supportive environment.

The Sisters of Code Ambassador program is all about helping girls learn how to code. But it's more than just teaching them coding skills. It also teaches them how to be leaders. Girls who join this program get training, and then they can share what they've learned with other girls in their communities. This creates a chain of learning and support. It's like a ripple effect, spreading knowledge and confidence among girls who want to be a part of the tech world. Sisters of Code Ambassadors are like leaders who guide other girls on a path to success in technology.

In the Sisters of Code Ambassador program, girls have exciting opportunities to explore various aspects of technology. They learn about cybersecurity and how to stay safe online, delve into creative endeavors with Scratch for making games and animations, get hands-on experience with coding using tools like, HTML, and CSS, and even discover how to build websites using Wix templates. Additionally, the program includes a valuable work readiness component that equips girls with essential skills for their future careers. They learn how to craft impressive CVs and resumes, sharpen their interview techniques, and acquire the professional skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the tech industry and beyond.

After this intensive 16-week program, 21 of 30 accepted students could successfully graduate and celebrate together their achievements during the Sisters of Code Ambassadors Program graduation ceremony on September 10, 2023, at IT Academy STEP Cambodia. 6 clubs, including both online and offline, are going to be launched to offer the same opportunities to other girls who are interested in the tech field.

On this special day, our mentor, Mrs. Oeurn Vapy, has shared her perceptions and experience as a tech professional in the tech field and a mentor at Sisters of Code that:

"I want to emphasize that women are just as capable as men in the tech field. In fact, I believe women have unique advantages here. Women bring diverse perspectives and creative problem-solving skills that are incredibly valuable in technology. Additionally, the tech industry is evolving to be more inclusive and diverse, offering numerous opportunities for women to excel and lead. To all the aspiring female students out there, please don't hesitate to pursue majors and careers in tech."

Our student from Siem Reap province, Ms. Norn Dany, has also shared her perspectives and experience with our program that:

"I want to say a big thank you to the Sisters of Code! I have learned so much from this amazing Sisters of Code Ambassadors Program from coding to leadership skills. Sisters of Code has also helped me believe in myself and grow more confident. It inspired me to study tech-related subjects and choose a career in tech. Now, I feel ready to succeed in the tech world with the courage and determination I've gained from Sisters of Code. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to my mentor for their invaluable guidance and support."

Sisters of Code is proud to see the success of our program which can inspire and grow girls' confidence to participate in the tech industry. We also believe that to support the economic advancement of the Kingdom of Cambodia, education is the key. Sisters of Code hopes to bring more opportunities and possibilities to every Cambodian girl.

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