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Sisters of Code to empower Cambodian girls to learn coding

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The field of technology in Cambodia is male-dominated, and as a result, female students feel unwelcome. Only 7 percent of female students in Cambodia choose to study technology-related subjects, and only 30 percent of those who graduate end up with jobs in the field of IT. Lack of role models, lack of confidence, and lack of opportunities, along with pressure from society to disengage from tech, all hold back female students from learning important digital skills and getting actively involved in the digital economy.

That is why Sisters of Code, the first female coding club in Cambodia, was created in 2019. It aims to help girls grow confidence—and challenges long-held gender stereotypes. By offering this free educational program, Sisters of Code brings real solutions to the identified challenges their students face: 46 percent of girls are told that they should not (or would not be allowed to) study technology. Twenty-seven percent mentioned that there are no other places in Cambodia for girls to study digital skills.

Sisters of Code is a nonprofit program, initiated by IT Academy STEP Cambodia that provides training for students free of charge. The organization relies on grants and donors and is seeking support to be able to deliver training free of charge, as well as laptops and internet access to ensure students are connected and have a possibility for self-studies, which is especially important during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Sisters of Code believes that providing access to education for girls is not a charity, but a smart investment that will bring long-term benefits to Cambodia.

See the original post from Solve MIT .

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