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Sisters of Code Empowered Women by Women

Sisters of Code enable women and girls to engage and pursue Technology-related education by offering a free eighteen-week coding training program led by female mentors and providing a supportive environment for girls creative and digital skills to thrive.

Sisters of Code was established by Mrs. Natalja Rodinova. The modern age has arrived in the country. It's interesting to see how many new ideas are available and being developed on a daily basis. Industry 4.0 is driven by technology, innovation, and problem solving, and I am proud to be a part of it by overseeing an IT training center in Cambodia and assisting young people in developing their skills. Around the same moment, as a feminist, I am aware of a great deal of inequity and challenges for female students. Just 7% of Cambodian girls choose technology as a major, and only 30% of graduates work in the sector.

In the digital industry, women are unwelcome. They get negative comments about their learning skills, they don't have enough role models, and they don't get enough support. when achieving their objectives that is why we founded Sisters of Code, Cambodia's first female coding club, with the goal of empowering female students to learn digital skills through free educational programs and the establishment of a welcoming community.

Check the original source published by IBM Z Global Student Hub.

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