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Sisters of Code organises an educational trip to Singapore

Sisters of Code is excited to organize Women in Tech Days and bring 11 female students for an educational trip, visiting companies in Singapore for four days in October 2022. Among the companies planned to visit are NTT, NSC, Informatica, Google, and Adobe, therefore offering students to see the diverse backgrounds in tech, as well as meet professionals from different industries. This educational trip includes visiting Science Museums and exhibitions, to be able to see how technology can make a positive impact on human life.

We believe this opportunity would be a life-changing experience for Cambodian female students, who have never been abroad and otherwise would not have this chance to travel and visit the best technological companies. This would not be possible without our sponsors NTT and NSC and their generous support in making this event happen.

The Women in Tech Days program aims to offer students such opportunities:

  • Learn about different roles in the technology industry.

  • Find out what qualifications are required to enter this field of work.

  • Understand if a career aligns with their skills and interests.

  • Learn what it's like to work in Singapore and how to manage work and life.

  • Learn about innovative thinking and cooperative work settings.

The educational trip is organised by Sisters of Code team to support its vision to inspire female students in Cambodia to join the digital industry and gain confidence in tech.

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