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Sisters of Code team attending Scratch Learning Workshop in India

Sisters of Code team has visited Bangalore, India for the APAC region workshop in Scratch Learning Philosophy together with participants from 7 different countries. Read below what did we learn from the event.

Is coding fun and easy? Yes, because Scratch makes things easier. Thanks to the opportunity to participate in Scratch Learning Philosophy Workshop, Sisters of Code can gain more ideas on how to make our students interested in learning to code through hands-on activities, such as creating their own interactive stories, animations, and games.

Read our participants' impressions about Scratch Learning Philosophy Workshop in India:

Natalja, Sisters of Code Founder & Director:

"Participating in a Scratch workshop in India was an amazing and unique opportunity for me and our Sisters of Code team. Sisters of Code is using Scratch as a part of our educational program and we believe that it is an amazing programming language that allows learners of any age to learn and create a wide array of projects, helping to develop their programming and computational thinking skills. I'm excited to learn more about Scratch during this workshop in India and work alongside people from 7 different countries who share a similar enthusiasm for coding. It was fantastic chance for me to boost my programming knowledge and build new relationships, making it a worthwhile and memorable learning opportunity."

Sokuntepy, Sisters of Code Project Coordinator

"I can't thank Scratch teams enough for the valuable opportunity to participate in the Scratch Learning Philosophy Workshop in India. It was an interesting and interactive event that allowed me to explore many hands-on activities, such as creating animation and eco-solutions using Scratch resources. One of my best experiences here is meeting many amazing people with diverse backgrounds who share the same interest in the tech area. I appreciate all your time, effort, and hard work in organizing such a memorable event, and I will definitely share what I learnt to others."

Mithona, Sisters of Code Mentor and ICT Teacher

"Thanks to Sisters Of Code for inviting me to join an event and thanks for Scratch foundation teams for preparing such a wonderful workshop. I am so lucky 🍀 that I have a chance to join and learn a lot about the workshop activities, sharing sessions and useful documents. I really appreciate your hard work ❤️ with helping, kindness, and facilitating with unforgettable memories. "

Kimsrung, Sisters of Code Mentor

"I'm really happy to get a chance to attend the Scratch Learning Philosophy Workshop in India. It was a fruitful workshop which I gained to experiment Makey Makey and Micro:bit tools. The another meaningful part was I got to see other people's works and ideas through the event."

Rane, Sisters of Code Ambassador

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Scratch Learning Philosophy Workshop in India. I did not only receive warm welcome but also get more understanding about tech. It was my first time learning to code, but Scratch teams make things easier. I got a chance to learn how to animate and create useful technology with Scratch resources and materials. Thank you once again for this unforgettable life-changing experience."

Inspired by participation in the workshop, Sisters of Code team is working on new opportunities in Cambodia, such as Scratch Hackathon for teachers and students, as well as Scratch educators meet ups. So follow us for more news.

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