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Sisters of Code team contributes to a Micro Game Hackathon in Health and Hygiene topic

On October 8 and 9 2022, Sisters of Code team delivered a Scratch training program during the Micro Games Hackathon, which was organised for MUSEFO in collaboration with the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT). The hackathon goal was to encourage and support participants in developing games on nutrition with an aim to bring an innovative approach to behaviour change! 40 students and young professionals took part in the hackathon. During the 2 days event, participants were invited to create micro mobile games to increase the knowledge on a specific nutrition topic, like promoting diverse nutrition or dos and don'ts during pregnancy.

Sisters of Code team was supporting participants in creating their games with Scratch, that offers comprehensive and easy to use tools even for those people, who do not have any tech background. During those 2 days Sisters of Code team provided trainings on

  • How to create a Scratch account

  • How to use and understand its elements

  • How to search for other community work,

  • How to explore existing projects

  • Provide ongoing support for the candidates if they have any questions about how to apply it to their game development.

Both two-day events had a total of more than 60 participants, with 45 candidates, who formed groups of 4 to 5 members in each group. A total of seven teams chose to build the game with Construct and four teams built with Scratch. On October 15, those 11 teams have to do a pitch about their project. The winners of first place were a game called Tos Borbor, which is Lets Porridge in English (Construct); the second winner was Dam Borbor (Cook Porridge in English) (Scratch), and the third winner was Mak Digital (Mom Digital in English) (Construct).

You can find all the game development from the game hackathon here:

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