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Update on Progress of Sisters of Code Clubs

In 2022, Sisters of Code launched five clubs to provide free after-school coding training for female students in different locations in Cambodia, including Kompong Thom, Battambang, Siem Reap, Preah Sihanouk, and Kandal province. The total number of students in our coding clubs is 73. Sisters of Code Ambassadors still work really hard to introduce female students to the principles of coding step by step, so that students can grow their confidence and apply coding skills to solve real-world problems.

In module 3, students were introduced to real coding with HTML, which is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and created their first websites. Students learned how to create a structure of a website, how to add content, how to create website navigation and more. They understood how to make a beautiful and useful website and worked on the projects.

We have asked our ambassadors and students to share how they feel about teaching and studying in our coding clubs.

Here is what our ambassadors said:

"Students really enjoy learning HTML and creating a website using WIX because they can build a real product from it. Though some students have problems with computers and internet connections, they learn to share with each other. Through this, they all can finish projects on time and create really amazing and beautiful websites. When they find coding difficulties, they try to do more research and ask questions. So, we always provide extra time and are open to any questions."

Here is what our students said: "We are new to HTML, and found web development with WIX is easier; however, we are so thankful that ambassadors try to intensify HTML lessons which help us have more confidence and learn coding with HTML. We are now working in a team very well. Besides asking ambassadors, we also try to explain to each other. I am so happy when I finally can build a really nice website."

Overall, Sisters of Code are proud to see our students enjoy learning in our clubs and can apply coding skills to create their own websites. Sisters of Code aims to bring possibilities to learn digital skills to as many Cambodian female students as possible, so they feel supported and encouraged to join the field of technology. An after-school club led by Ambassadors, who are young female students themselves, helps to build a strong and dedicated community.


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