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2024 Sisters of Code Graduates: Hear Their Success Stories!

Congratulations to the incredible young women of the 2024 Sisters of Code graduating class! On April 21st, 2024, these students completed the Sisters of Code 18-week program and immersed themselves in the world of technology and coding. Their dedication and perseverance have culminated in this momentous achievement.

In this blog, we'll be featuring their testimonial with some of these brilliant 2024 graduates. They'll share their unique experiences in the program, the challenges they conquered, and the newfound skills they've gained. Their stories are sure to ignite your passion for technology and empower young women everywhere to pursue their dreams in this exciting field.

Sorm Dalinh: Student

Hi guys, I'm Sorm Dalinh, a graduate student from Sisters of Code 2024. I studied the 18-week program which was a basic code course for high school female students. For me, it was a good experience to join this course. I liked making animations and games with Scratch and It was fun but sometimes it was complicated too, but I enjoyed it. Moreover, HTML was also interesting, I could make a small website on my own. In short, studying with Sisters of Code makes me learn new things, make new friends, and have more creativity. Thank you!

Chen Sivling: Student

Hi guys, my name is Cheng Sivling and I’m 12 years old. I’m a SOC student who recently finished their course. I really enjoyed my 18 weeks with SOC. I had the opportunity to study various programs with SOF and my favorite one is HTML and CSS. Why do I enjoy studying HTML and CSS? Well, it’s because it’s a program that we use to build websites. I love how I can code my own personal website and add my own personal touches to it like building my own blog where I share my travel experiences or my daily life. I have learned enough to build a blog, however thanks to SOC, I’ve known the program and will continue to self-study it. I highly recommend young girls or university students to join SOC because even though some might already be familiar with the programs they teach, we always learn something new while studying SOC. “GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING".

Lo Sreyleak: Student

Hi guys, I'm Lo Sreyleak and I'm 15. I'm a Sisters of Code student who just graduated. In all of the programs that I studied, I liked to study HTML and WiX because they taught me to create exam forms or apply some forms and some of posters. In addition, It also taught me to create websites about restaurants, hospitals, hotels, stores, and more. I think it's really great that I did it. I had never expected that I would do it. "HAVE NO REASON THAT GIRLS CAN'T DO IT"

Thy Hunkim: Student

Hi everyone! I’m Thy Hunkim I’m 17, I’m a Sisters Of Code student who graduated and I’m in bong Ki Sreyroth club. So all of the programs I have studied I love to study HTML the most because it’s taught me a lot of things like creating a website, learning to design a website by using CSS, and some code that I’ve never met before. I learned a lot of things from my teacher and my classmates. They shared with me the experiences that they had met and learned. It’s a great thing that I can join and learn with Sister Of Code.

Vattey: Student

I am Vattey, and I want to share with you about three things that I liked the most when I joined this program. First thing, the environment of the class is so good. Well, my class is cold and smells good. Second, I loved my teacher. My teacher taught all the students very clearly for each lesson and she always told us new things about technology. The third is that I liked my classmates. Actually, we always shared with each other when we learned new things and new information. We also did the assignment and helped to solve the problems of assignments each other. All in all, I really appreciated this program.

Vann Malisvathany: Student

Hi everyone, my name is Vann Malisvathany and I'm 12 years old. I am a student of Sisters of Code who just graduated. One of the lessons that I like the most is "scratch". because I can make many games from it and is very interesting for me and also easy to understand all the code in Scratch. I'm very proud of myself that I actually finished all the lessons of Sisters of Code.

Chanmolika Chea: Student

Hello, my name is Chanmolika Chea. I am a 15-year-old studying in grade 10 at Russey Keo High School. I am a youth who is passionate about the tech industry and I am eager to become a part of a community that brings innovation and solutions to the field of technology. Some valuable insights I have received during the Sisters of Code program are the chances to dive deeper into the technology field and to learn a lot from mentors and individuals which inspire me to grow and develop my own knowledge. For me personally this program had made a huge impact on my life especially my perspective on the tech industry along with how every week we got to embrace our creativity and step out of our comfort zones.

Interested in joining the next generation of Sisters of Code? Check out our program to learn more and how you can apply.  Stay tuned for future updates and inspiring stories by following us on Facebook and Instagram!

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