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A Kind Donation to Create a Sisters of Code Lab from NTT Group Singapore Office

The lack of computers has always been one of the major challenges for Sisters of Code students in our clubs. Lack of devices makes it difficult for them to practice in class and complete their assignments. However, thanks to the generous support from the NTT Group Singapore Office, this problem is now being addressed.

IT Academy STEP Cambodia Institute has recently established a new computer lab, equipped with new ASUS computers, dedicated to Sisters of Code training. This immense contribution from the NTT Group Singapore Office is a result of their team commitment to sustainability and willingness to make a positive impact in the community.

The donation was made possible through the efforts of NTT Singapore employees, who actively participated in the company's Sustainability Program. As part of the program, employees had the opportunity to purchase the company's equipment for personal use. The funds raised from these purchases were then channeled towards the Sisters of Code initiative to open a new computer lab for their students.

The impact of this donation cannot be overstated. This incredible act of generosity has eliminated a significant digital barrier for our female students, empowering them with the necessary tools to excel in their coding education. With a dedicated computer lab at their disposal, these young women now have a convenient and conducive space to engage in hands-on activities, practice coding, and complete their assignments.

We are grateful to the NTT Group Singapore Office and their employees for recognizing the importance of bridging the digital divide and supporting initiatives like Sisters of Code. Their contribution not only enhances the learning experience for our students but also reinforces the idea that technology is a powerful tool for empowerment and career opportunities.

With the newly established computer lab, we are confident that our Sisters of Code students will excel in their coding skills and pursue future careers in the tech industry. We look forward to witnessing their growth, and we remain committed to providing them with the best possible learning environment to nurture their passion for coding.

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