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A Sisters of Code Student's Journey to the 2023 TechGirls Program in the United States

Ms. Sreng Coca, a Sisters of Code student from Battambang Province, was selected to join the TechGirls Program, from July 7 to August 1, 2023. This program is an international summer exchange program designed to empower and inspire young women from around the world to pursue careers in science and technology. It invited 111 young women from 35 participating countries along with 25 U.S. peers in a dynamic four-week U.S.-based experience.

Read below about what she did and learn from the 2023 TechGirls Program as well as how Sisters of Code took part in this journey:

"My adventure in the United States was an incredible learning experience. It began with introductions and orientations that helped me adapt to the new environment and culture. From there, I was immersed in a world of discovery. The program's focus on leadership, technology, and STEM subjects broadened my horizons and expanded my skill set. The initial challenges, such as understanding complex course materials and dealing with homesickness, were met with determination and the support of fellow participants and program staff. As I progressed, I found myself growing both academically and personally.

I had the opportunity to explore fascinating places, from the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Job shadowing experiences allowed me to witness real-world applications of technology, science, and innovation. Meeting Congress Leaders, Women's High-Tech Coalition members, and TechGirls alumni broadened my network and provided invaluable insights into leadership and technology fields. Cultural exchange days allowed us to share our rich cultural heritage, fostering a deeper understanding among the participants.

The journey culminated in the development of my Community Action Project (CAP) titled "STEMNITY." While managing this project presents its challenges, I am confident that the skills and resilience I gained from the event as well as the Sisters of Code Program, will enable me to make a meaningful impact in my community.

To sum up, my journey through the 2023 TechGirls Program was a transformative experience that wouldn't have been possible without Sisters of Code's unwavering support and commitment to my growth. Sisters of Code played a crucial role in opening doors to remarkable possibilities by consistently sharing information about available opportunities with students. Moreover, Sisters of Code has also equipped me with the necessary skills, such as leadership and coding skills."

Sisters of Code is thrilled to see our students, like Sreng CoCa, succeed in the 2023 TechGirls Program. We're proud of their achievements and are committed to bringing them more opportunities and support as they continue to excel in the field of technology.

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