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Best memories about Singapore

Can 2 days change the lives? We believe yes!

That is what this short educational trip for 10 Sisters of Code did. New ideas learned, connections made, experiences discovered.

Read below our participants stories and our gratitude to the companies who supported us: NTT, NCS Next , Google, Informatica, Adobe.

Chesda, a high school graduate.

"I can not say anything beside "WOW". I was the one of lucky people who got to see the world premiere of Avatar at Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay which is the most popular place in Singapore. In addition, I have learned many things in Singapore and that was the extraordinary experience I've ever had. Besides that, I thought it was a dream to see high buildings, train station, underground, offices that people always work and lifestyles in Singapore, but it was not. It was absolutely real."

Chorda, a student at the University of Phnom Penh, majoring in Computer science.

"Singapore is the best one. I was dreaming to go there. Finally, I have fulfilled my dream, and I am ecstatic to be able to visit companies that are related to my skills and to travel to a beautiful city. I got a lot of tips and the best experience. People are really welcoming and make me feel warmly welcomed."

Hong, Sisters of Code Project Coordinator

"I am really thankful and grateful for this opportunity where I get to see the world's most well-known tech company at their workplaces, chatting with their employees to learn about their career life and what the companies do. It is really amazing. The city's modernisation and cleanliness, as well as the warm welcome and kind hearts of all the hosted companies and Singaporeans, make this trip unforgettable for me."

Mithona, Sisters of Code mentor and ICT teacher

"I can’t thank enough Sister of Code for arranging such a wonderful trip, as well as the tech-company such as NTT, Google, NCS, Informatica, and Adobe that sponsored and gave an opportunity to Sister of Code team to visit your companies. I felt so honoured by your warm welcome, caring, inspiration, and support. I have gained more knowledge, and experience which I can share to other people especially my students."

Rathana, a teacher in Kampong Chheuteal Institute of Technology

"First of all, I would like to thanks Sister of Code for giving me the chance to join this trip to Singapore. Thank you NTT and NCS Next, as well as other companies for the warm welcome and for providing me with this priceless chance to learn about businesses, sales, marketing, and ITC operations. My best memories are from the Garden by the Bay which has a lot of different types of flowers and is unique in Singapore. Thank you again for everything that you give me in Singapore."

Rane, Sisters of Code Ambassador

"It was my first time flying to Singapore. Fortunately Sisters of Code arranged to visit the tech companies such as NTT, Google, NCS Next, Informatica, Google and Adobe in Singapore. I’m really thankful for your warm welcome, caring attitude, kindness and sharing a lot of experiences that has inspired me to have more confidence, motivation, and a knowledge about technology."

Sokvicheka, a student at the Cambodian Academy of Digital Technology

"Thank you so much Sisters of Code for giving me this opportunity to join this trip. This is my first time to visit Singapore. I'm really really happy. People we met in Singapore are really friendly and welcoming. Thank you all the companies that warmly welcomed us. I got a lot of experience from this trip and also more knowledge about technology . Thank you again for everything and I hope to see you later Singapore. "

Canica, a high school graduate

"When I heard that I got to travel to Singapore, I almost did not believe it! Getting out of the plane and seeing the hustling and bustling of Singaporeans among the huge building with nature was almost like walking in a movie. I also could note how friendly and kind all of the people are from our host companies. How they were all welcoming and I was so enlightened with our conversations. It was an unforgettable experience that expanded my view the tech industry and of Singpore. The only word I can express is thank you for this life changing experience "

Somavatey, a high school student

"I’ m so thankful for giving me the opportunity to travel to Singapore . This is my first time going abroad and I am so lucky to be able to visit my dream country where I want to live and work. There are many favorite things about Singapore such as efficiency, top notch public transport, no disorder in the country but what stands out for me is SAFETY! Singapore is a developed country and I love the design of the country. One more thing is that It was really nice to walk around Singapore Gardens by the Bay in a great park. Thanks to all the companies for your warm welcome and sharing about what challenges you have faced and how you overcome it. This really sparked my interest even more as I was always extremely interested in technology."

Rasmey Panha Vatey, a high school student

"It took me hours to think of a word describing how amazing is Singapore and Singaporeans are. Come to think of it, I still couldn't believe the fact that I have travelled to this wonderful place which I have always dreamt of. Everything, everyone were so realistic, warm welcoming and fast-forward which was like having a time machine going to the future. Thank for your support in this journey as well as the feeling of home you gave us. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

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