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Sisters of Code 2023 Graduation in Battambang Province

On May 7, 2023, Sisters of Code celebrated graduation for all hardworking students in Battambang Province after an 18-week program with Sisters of Code at Preah Monivong High School. During this program, students had an opportunity to learn cybersecurity and internet protection, the basics of visual coding with, game development with Scratch, and web development with WIX as well as participate in the work readiness program.

During this graduation event, students also share their stories with Sisters of Code that:

"I am truly thankful to be a part of the Sisters of Code program. I have always been interested in technology but rarely got a chance to participate in tech-related activities. Sisters of Code provides an amazing opportunity for females to challenge themselves and inspire women to take leadership roles, especially in tech." - Sreang Coca, 18 y.o

"I appreciate Sisters of Code for choosing me as one of the students in Battambang Club. I really want to be a computer programmer in the future but I do not know where to study. Fortunately, I was chosen to join the Sisters of Code Program. I really like our Sisters of Code Ambassador because she is friendly, helpful, and open-minded." - Chor Channe, 18 y.o

We are proud to receive a lot of positive comments from Sisters of Code graduates, as well as their high level of satisfaction with the program. Sisters of Code hopes to bring more opportunities and possibilities to every Cambodian girl.


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