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Sisters of Code 2023 Graduation Ceremony

Sisters of Code is the first female coding club established by IT Academy STEP Institute in Cambodia, thanks to the support from Capacity Building Research and Development Fund of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications and in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. The aim of the program is to encourage girls to learn coding skills in a safe and supportive environment. Sisters of Code students had the opportunity to learn about cybersecurity and internet protection, create games and animations, build a website, and participate in the work readiness program.

After this intensive 18-week program, 42 students from 75 accepted could successfully graduate and celebrate together their achievements during the Sisters of Code graduation ceremony for our hardworking students coming from different locations in Cambodia on May 6, 2023, at IT Academy STEP Cambodia.

On this graduation day, Ms. Van Chorda, our Sisters of Code Ambassador in Kandal Province, has shared her unforgettable story with Sisters of Code saying:

"I am really thankful for Sisters of Code for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the Sisters of Code Ambassador Program, which helps improve my coding and soft skills. I also had the opportunity to transfer those skills to students in my community. I am really happy to see my students enjoy learning to code in my club. Sisters of Code has done a lot to empower students to pursue a major and career in IT."

Ms. Chhaim Srey Nhep, our Sisters of Code in Kandal province, also shared her experience learning in the Sisters of Code club that: "I see the Sisters of Code program as an opportunity for me to receive new skills and involve in the tech industry like male students. After studying for 18 weeks in the Sisters of Code club, I gained a lot of knowledge in coding, such as basic coding with, creating a game and animation using Scratch, building a website, and so on. These knowledge and skills help me understand more about the importance of digital skills for life, career, and academic aspects. I am really thankful for the Sisters of Code teams for giving me a chance to be a part of this program and appreciate the hard work of our ambassador. At last, I believe that girls can do anything like boys, and I would like to see more girls involve in this field."

Sisters of Code is proud to see the success of our program that can inspire and grow girls' confidence to participate in the tech industry. We also believe that to support the economic advancement of the Kingdom of Cambodia, education is the key. Sisters of Code hopes to bring more opportunities and possibilities to every Cambodian girl.

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