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Sisters of Code Ambassadors Feedback

Sisters of Code Ambassadors program was executed for the first time and is considered as a pilot project to understand the needs of the future trainers, as well as possibilities for expansion with the help of training of trainers.

Watch the videos with successfully graduated students and mentor of Sisters of Code Ambassadors Club in 2021, sharing their experiences with our program Sisters of Code and learn what do they think about the program and how they see benefits of learning technology and coding for Cambodian girls.

Kim Mithona mentor in computer science program structure and approach.

I wants to empower more girls in studying technology.

Chhay Vouchim - Graduated 2021

I've joined Sisters of Code Ambassadors because I want to inspire and encourage others to overcome the stereotypes that women cannot code.

Victor La from Accel8asia - mentor in

Attitudes and Motivation

I am very happy to be part of Sisters of Code. It’s an amazing program we inspiring and teaching women to be uncover their soft skill and talents.

Hor Siekny - Graduated 2021

I've joined Sisters of Code Ambassadors as I want to expand my knowledge of soft skills and technical skills.

Sun Somara mentor in Pedagogy Principle and Ethics.

I believe Sisters of Code is a wonderful beginning place, particularly for girls, who should begin and join in order to overcome their shyness and be brave enough to participate, since they can achieve whatever a guy can.

Piv Thyra - Graduated 2021

I've joined Sisters of Code Ambassadors as I want to learn and share what I have learned with others.

Sisters of Code program is for impact. Impact for those who need that the most.

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