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Meet Sisters of Code Ambassadors' Mentors

Sisters of Code Ambassadors' Program is to be launched in April 2021 and will aim to train trainers to scale Sisters of Code program to more locations, thus bringing new possibilities to girls in Cambodia. We are thankful to the experts who have joined our team to contribute their time and knowledge to grow leadership and skills for the Sisters of Code future Ambassadors.

Natalja Rodinova / Founder of Sisters of Code and Managing Director at IT Academy STEP Cambodia

She has moved to Cambodia in 2015 from Europe to work in the field of IT education. In 2019 she has founded Sisters of Code, the first and the only coding club for Cambodian girls. This program aims to empower and support female students through education and the resulting confidence to discover their full potential and grow a new generation of digital creators in Cambodia.

She is saying "As a mother, I know how important it is to create a supportive atmosphere for teenage girls. Coding is a new challenge for many of them.”

In her module, she aims to help Ambassadors to understand how a trainer can support students in learning and develop their confidence.

Providing access to education for girls is not a charity, but a smart investment that will bring long-term benefits.

Fat Si Em / CELLCARD Co.,Ltd

Mrs. SI EM FAT graduated in 2009 holding a Bachelor’s degree in Information technology from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and holds a Bachelor's degree in English communication from Norton University. Before graduation she started her first job at Huawei Cambodia in the technical department, then she moved to Cellcard, where she works currently as a Transport Planning and Optimization Manager. Her responsibility is to plan the networking for the​Telecommunication system purely working on the technical part.

NENG Sokneang / CEO at Kokopon (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Sokneang was born in the countryside in a family of farmers. However, unlike her parents,

she pursued her technology knowledge by completing the Data Operation Management program from Passerelles numériques Cambodia (PNC). After further strengthening her skills during intensive training from Korea Software HRD, she graduated in Computer Science at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Having a strong will to make a positive impact she started her own mission-driven tech project called Kokopon. Sokneang was selected as one of 10 Cambodian Rising Stars by Southeast Asia Globe in 2019 and elected to the Advisory Committee of Young Women Entrepreneurs 2020.

Having a goal to become a role model for women in difficult economic situations, she has been encouraging women around her to pursue their life goals through technology and business and training MSME owners to stay resilient during Covid-19, and building their digital capacity.

KIM Mithona / ITC teacher at Preah Sisowath New generation School

Ms. Mithona Kim graduated from the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Computer Science. After graduation, she worked as an ITC teacher at Preah Sisowath New generation School and a mentor in Sisters of Code Program since 2019.

She wants to empower more girls in studying technology. She believed Education can make our life and our society become better. If we know that technology will stay with us forever, why don't we try to understand it from now on?

Sun Somara/ Founder and coordinator

of the Soft Skills and Leadership Club

Mr. Sun Somara is a Training Coordinator​ for the Master’s Degree of Education in Mentoring of New Generation Pedagogical Research Center in the National Institute of Education (NIE), at Kampuchea Action to Promote Education(KAPE). Moreover, he is involved in some educational and mentoring research grants. Furthermore, he has worked as a School Principal at Sovannaphumi School, Cambodia also an English Lecturer at many different universities in Cambodia for more than 10 years.

He is an inspirational and motivational speaker of Soft Skills and Leadership as well as the pedagogical speaker for both local and international conferences and forums. Besides, he is a founder and coordinator of the Soft Skills and Leadership Club, which provides training on soft skills and leadership to educational staff and teachers (both public and private sectors) for four different generations since 2017.

Chim Sophak / Founder of Mutita Training and Coaching

Sophak grew up in Phnom Penh Capital City. She has significant experience working with the private sector and NGOs. Finally, she found herself a passionate job in Training and Coaching. She is also the founder of Mutita Training and Coaching and a Life Trainer, coaching on self-discovery and self-development and improving the quality of life by advancing soft skills and leadership skills. Her work is focused on Women and Youth empowerment and capacity building. She hopes she can contribute to building and improving leadership skills for Ambassadors with a higher quality of life and harmony for Cambodian society.

Parul Gupta / Senior manager,

applications at Chip Mong bank.

An experienced technology manager with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry with work experience spanning across South East Asian & Australian geographies Skilled in doing the technical design of digital banking products, product management, launch to market with a focus on detailed planning and constant process improvisation.In-depth knowledge of APIs, end-to-end integrations, JAVA, Oracle Database, IT infrastructure stack, and Agile Software Development practices.

A strong team leader with an approach to building winning teams

Victor La / CEO of Accel8asia

Victor La is CEO of Accel8asia, entrepreneur, and success factor coach with experience spanning from Canada, Australia, South East Asia, and China. Over the past 20 years, he has worked with companies ranging from multinational corporations to SMEs and technology startups.

Focusing on the area of technology, branding, marketing, and talent management. He has built a wealth of knowledge and resources to help grow and scale companies to succeed in today’s competitive and global market.

He is passionate about empowering young Cambodians, especially women in entrepreneurship and leadership development.

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