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Sisters of Code Graduate Shares Her Experience with Sisters of Code

Introducing Nget Sonyta, a former Sisters of Code student from the class of 2019. Currently, she is pursuing a master's degree in computer science at Maharishi International University and thriving as a software engineer in a private company in the United States. Throughout her transformative journey at Sisters of Code, Sonyta not only gained valuable insights into basic coding but also underwent a significant shift in her perspective on the tech industry. Sisters of Code played a pivotal role in fostering her confidence to pursue higher education and a rewarding career in technology.

Sonyta's success underscores the transformative impact of organizations like Sisters of Code, breaking down barriers and providing young women with the tools and support needed to excel in the dynamic world of technology.

Additionally, Sonyta has an important message for girls who might doubt themselves or think that the tech industry is only for boys. Her words strongly encourage young women to ignore these stereotypes and confidently pursue majors and careers in the tech field.


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