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Sisters of Code Graduates 2022 Feedback

Sisters of Code students from 5 groups that have been studying with us since August 8, 2021, has successfully completed the program on January 16, 2022, and attended our special graduation event to celebrate their achievements and finally meet in person after months of studying online.

During the registration process in just two weeks, we have received 316 applications to join Sisters of Code free training program from Cambodian girls coming from 17 different provinces. 5 clubs were created, led by certified trainers, who earlier successfully completed Sisters of Code Ambassadors program. There were 76 students accepted and 54 have graduated from the 18-week long program successfully.

Watch the video interviews with some of the 2022 graduates, sharing their experience and feedback about the Sisters of Code program. We appreciate that Sisters of Code students can see the benefits of learning technology and coding from Cambodian girls. And we hope to see more girls joining Sisters of Code clubs in the future.

Morm Rothmony, 15 y.o. Grade 11.
"I have joined Sisters of Code as I am interested in coding and want to develop my own mobile app. "

Em Chanreaksmey, 16y.o. Grade 11
"I have joined Sisters of Code as I want to improve myself and discover more about technology."

To watch more stories from the graduates, please visit our Youtube Channel!

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