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Sisters of Code Graduates' Feedback 2023

Sisters of Code students from different locations in Cambodia, including Kompong Thom, Battambang, Siem Reap, Preah Sihanouk, and Kandal provinces that have been studying with us since November 05, 2022, successfully completed the program on March 25, 2023.

After this intensive 18-week program, 42 students from 75 accepted could successfully graduate and celebrate together their achievements during the Sisters of Code graduation on May 06, 2023, at IT Academy STEP Cambodia.

Watch the video interviews with some of the 2023 graduates, sharing their experiences and feedback about the Sisters of Code program. We appreciate that Sisters of Code students can see the benefits of learning technology and coding from Cambodian girls. And we hope to see more girls joining Sisters of Code clubs in the future.

Sath Sreynoor, 18 yo "I have joined Sisters of Code because I like technology and want to know how can we develop it. The other reason is I want to break the stereotype that only men can work or study technology."

Kong Socheat, 18 y.o

"I have joined Sisters of Code because I am curious about technology and want to know how to develop the websites and applications."

Pharl Nisa, 17 y.o

"I have joined Sisters of Code because Sisters of Code teaches us skills that are useful to tackle social problems and I can gain more understanding about coding and technology. On top of that, I want to pursue a major and career in IT."

Pauv Soneasa, 17 years old

"I have joined Sisters of Code because I really love technology and want to pursue a career that is related to coding. The other main reason is because I can study here for free and I want to break a stereotype that the tech field is for boys."

No Dane, 16 y.o

"I have joined Sisters of Code because I received information from my teacher that Sisters of Code teaches students about how to make games, animations, and websites. Moreover, I can learn basic coding here for free."

Sisters of Code program is for impact. Impact for those who need that the most. Like and Follow our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see about our student project, feedback, and more.


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