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Sisters of Code to Participate in the Scratch Education Collaborative

Sisters of Code, the first female coding club in Cambodia, is pleased to announce our participation in the 2021 Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC).

The Scratch Education Collaborative (SEC) is a network of organizations across the world that focus on supporting learners from historically marginalized communities in developing their confidence with creative computing. This collaboration brings Sisters of Code the opportunity to learn from other member organizations and collaborate with members of the Scratch Foundation, The MIT Media Lab, and other global leaders in creative computing. Working together this unique community of educations aims to provide children from various backgrounds with opportunities to imagine, create, and collaborate with new technologies so that they may shape the world of tomorrow. Moreover, this two-year experience will greatly benefit Sisters of Code with access to multiple resources to support creative computing education availability for female students in Cambodia.

Mrs. Natalja Rodionova, the founder of Sisters of Code, states,” We really appreciate these opportunities to be involved in the Scratch Education Collaborative [as it] allows us to give female Cambodian students access to a free, safe, playful learning environment that engages all children in thinking creatively, systematic reasoning, and collaboration— all essential skills for everyone in today's society. We will work hard together to support children in exploring, sharing, and learning.”

The 2021 Scratch Education Collaborative will hold a number of events and workshops, where Sisters of Code teachers will take part to learn and share with others. The first event is Scratch Around the World 2021 - An Online Conference for Educators that will take place on July 22, 2021. More news on the related events and activities will follow.


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