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Sisters of Code Educational Trip to Singapore

In October 2022, a group of Sisters of Code ambassadors and mentors spent 2 days in Singapore with an educational trip. This dream came true thanks to support from NTT Ltd. and NCS Next, as well as the organisation by IT Academy STEP Cambodia.

Day 1

Breakfast and meeting the amazing management team of NTT Ltd., who shared insights and ideas with the girls on how the company works and what are career possibilities in tech. It was so inspirational to meet the top management of the company, who was welcoming and supportive to the students. Tech is not boring, but very human. That is what we have all learned during this meeting.

Lunchtime and 3 hours at Google Singapore office, that made such a great impression on our team. An inspiring sharing session with women panelists, including a Cambodian developer working in Google. Our team could learn about the importance of diversity in AI, as well as participate in the session "I'am remarkable" to learn about the importance of appreciation of own and each other achievements.

Day 2

Busy day with 3 outstanding companies.

NCS Group and the engineering team who shared with us more on innovations and robotics, as well as research and development. Students could meet a team of female engineers, product managers and research experts, as well as visit robots development facilities.

Lunchtime with data at Informatica, where we could meet the team to learn more about data products and how important is it to focus on problem-solving to bring the best solutions.

Finally, an afternoon in Adobe, attending a very open and empowering sessions with the female professionals in the team, as well as a training session on the latest features of Adobe products.

The Singapore trip was a life-changing experience for the students. And it will always stay in the memories not only because of the tech solutions we have seen and learned about but most importantly for the human connections we could make and get inspired from.

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