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Overview of Sisters of Code Clubs in 2022

In 2022, Sisters of Code launched 5 clubs in different locations in Cambodia with 2 offline clubs in Battambang and Kompong Thom province, as well as 3 online clubs in Siem Reap, Preah Sihanouk, and Kandal province. The total number of female students accepted to the clubs is 73. Our coding clubs are doing well despite minor challenges that we managed to overcome.

So far, students have learned how to stay safe on the Internet, as well as the basics of programming with visual coding through playing computer games, creating their own projects, and developing algorithm thinking using resources.

Our ambassadors are very passionate about supporting girls in tech by providing a supportive learning environment while learning coding skills, and our students show a lot of interest in learning to code. In Battambang province, at first, students were shy to ask questions; but with our encouraging ambassador and in the friendly learning environment, students like to ask questions for further explanation and details. Through this, they can understand the lessons and show progress in their coding skill. In Kompong Thom province, on the one hand, students are very grateful to be able to join our program because at first, they do not know much about technology because they are young and live in a rural area. Right now, they know a lot about technology and also understand the importance of women in tech.

For online clubs, with our interesting study materials and teaching methods, students are motivated to learn effectively like in offline classes. In Kandal province, students feel empowered and our coding club also inspires them to pursue their university major and career in tech. They also want to contribute back to our program by applying to our future ambassador program to take a part in inspiring more girls in tech. Moreover, in Preah Sihanouk province, our ambassador makes students feel welcome and students also support each other in studying and assignments. Despite the problem with their internet connection and computers, students learn to share with each other, so that they can finish homework and assignment on time. Last but not least, in Siem Reap province, students also pay attention to what our ambassador explains, like to work in a group to put what they learn into practice, and ask questions. This makes them improve their coding, digital, and leadership skills dramatically.

Overall, Sisters of Code are proud to see our students enjoy learning in our clubs and change their perspective toward women in tech as well as support them in their journey to tech majors and careers. Sisters of Code aims to bring possibilities to learn digital skills to as many Cambodian female students as possible, so they feel supported and encouraged to join the field of technology. An-after school clubs led by Ambassadors, who are young female students themselves, help to build a strong and dedicated community.


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