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Empowering Cambodian Girls in Tech: Sisters of Code's Impactful Journey in 2023

In 2023, Sisters of Code launched 7 clubs in different locations in Cambodia with 3 offline clubs in Phnom Penh, Kampong Chhnang, and Battambang province. The total number of female students accepted to the clubs is 102. Our coding clubs are doing well despite minor challenges that we managed to overcome.

So far, our students had the opportunity to learn about cybersecurity and internet protection, gaining a profound understanding of various online risks and threats that individuals face in today's digital landscape. Moreover, they also learned basic programming with visual coding through playing computer games, creating their projects, and developing algorithm thinking.

The Sisters of Code club in the rural area is a great success! In Kompong Chhnang and Battambang province, students are eager to learn and are working hard on the projects. They feel welcomed and supported in their groups. The main challenge is that some of the students don't have computers at home, but our ambassador is working hard to overcome this by teaching slowly and clearly, and by encouraging the students to help each other.

Some of the challenges that Phnom Penh students faced include not understanding the blog of code with the lesson on and not having enough time to practice. However, our ambassador was able to help the students understand the material, and the students tried their best to complete the project. However, it is a positive experience for students. They feel welcomed and supported, and they are able to learn and grow in a fun and encouraging environment.

Our online coding club has come a long way! At first, everyone was a bit quiet, but now they're chatting and working together like old friends. We have students of all levels, some picking up coding like lightning, while others are taking it slower. But everyone did an amazing job trying to finish their projects on time, big applause for all their hard work! Our high schoolers had extra busy schedules, but the university students stepped up to lend a hand, sharing their knowledge and helping them! The ambassador also deserves a huge appreciation for making learning fun and exciting, even for the students who weren't too sure about coding at first. In conclusion, at Sisters of Code, girls discover that tech is awesome! They learn cool skills and build confidence alongside our amazing Ambassadors. These after-school clubs are like magic, opening doors to amazing tech careers and showing girls what they're capable of in the digital world! We want every Cambodian girl to feel welcome and supported in the tech world, one line of code at a time!


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